Brewer Health Center

401 South Main Street Brewer, ME | 207-989-5588


  • Choosing a Provider:
  • Gary Ross D.O.
  • Nancy O'Connor PA-C.


Welcome to the Brewer Health Center.

For more than 25 years, Nancy and I have been serving the greater Brewer community. As many of you know Nancy will be leaving the practice at the end of March and I will be transitioning to a Direct- Patient -Care Practice come July 1, 2017.

This model will allow me to better serve you and your health as well as improve your experience as a patient. By removing insurance companies from affecting my time and decision making process I will have more time to focus on YOU the patient. Office visits can be longer and less pressured. Prime flexible appointment hours will be available for improved convenience.  The practice will be smaller and you will feel less hurried. There will be much better access to have your questions and concerns addressed.

For an annual fee and small co-pay you can receive all but a very few of the services that have been provided to you previously at no additional cost.  Your care can be managed through a combination of electronic communications (such as email or text message) and office visits when necessary combined with an enhanced annual physical examination.  Care will focus around wellness and sickness prevention, emphasizing on individualized care management.  Your care will become more fluid, with access to a real person when you need to talk to one. 

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